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Who’s Running the Show?






Small business owners can very easily fall into the rut of feeling like your employees are running the show. This is particularly true of grooming business owners, when commission paid employees don’t want to do more than that which makes them money. Add to that the fact that good groomers are hard to find and you have a situation where the employees have all the power.  When I first started, I hired commissioned groomers.  They wanted to make their own schedules, only work with certain clients, and not contribute to the overall care of the shop.

Why this is SO important:

At the point that I started hiring differently, my entire business changed.  Instead of hiring commissioned groomer, I hired hourly employees.  Because they were employees, I was able to delegate more tasks to them, which, in turn,  freed up my time.  My employees became more involved in the success of the business and became a solid team.  As a team, we became more successful, because we were working together and were able to have better results and make more money.

The Biggest Game Changer

This has been the biggest game changer in my business.  I’m so excited to share this with you that I’ve even created a FREE eBook explaining the process.

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“Notes from the Grooming Table” Review

Being in business for over twenty years,  it’s remarkable to me that we so seldom see anything new in our business.  That’s why when I first saw Melissa Verplank’s book “Notes From The Grooming Table” I was thrilled!  It is extremely through, easy to use, and the drawings are beautiful.  This book is something I use on a regular basis in my shop (especially for the breeds that we see rarely).

You know how it happens, the phone rings, and they ask you, “Do you know how to groom a Bedlington Terrier? ”You know you have the skills, but you just need the information.  This book will give it to you. Some features I really appreciate are:

  • It’s spiral bound so it lays flat. You don’t have to fight to keep it open to the page you want with one hand and try to groom with the other!
  • The illustrations are gorgeous, showing beautiful correct examples of each breed from different angles, as well as a head study.
  • Placing of patterns, options for blade lengths, as well as a description of how they are properly groomed for show. 
  • She includes not only the diagram, but also a general description of the breed profile on most breeds.  This way, you can get a feel for the breed and translate that image into your groom.
  • It includes breed facts and characteristics, goals and suggested tools and equipment.

Notes from the Grooming Table

If my write up isn’t enough, here’s what they have to say about it:

“Simply put, there is no book like this on the market. Melissa Verplank, Certified Master Stylist, former member of GroomTeam USA, contest grooming judge, industry speaker and Director of The Paragon School of Pet Grooming has teamed up with nationally recognized wildlife artist, Lisa VanSweden, to create this comprehensive grooming guide. The focus of ‘Notes’ is basic pet trimming using typical pet grooming techniques.

The illustrations are clear, concise and up-to-date for pet grooming styles, and it features more than 150 breed profiles. Included are step-by-step instructions and hundreds of detailed illustrations to help you groom any breed of dog at a glance.”

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I would highly recommend investing in this book, as I’m sure you will be very happy you did.  Here’s the link to buy it:

Buy the book here


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