Helping Your Staff Set and Achieve Their Goals

One thing I really love to do is to encourage my staff (and myself!) to learn new skills.  This keeps them excited about learning, and the new skills that they learn enhance the overall business.  However, with everything going on, sometimes it is difficult to remember what it is that everyone wants to work on. 

Keeping track of our goals:

Because of this, I invented this exercise to assist in reminding us all what our goals are, and it has been helpful for me to remember exactly how I can help my staff achieve their specific goals.

At our monthly meeting, I give everyone a 3 x 5 card.  I went around the room and asked them to come up with a goal for learning a new skill for this month.  We wrote them on a 3 x 5 card, and I put them up on bulletin board where everyone can see them on a daily basis.

It was an easy choice for my finish groomers, as we are going to a Wheaton Terrier Grooming Seminar next weekend.  Some of my other groomers and finish bathers are working on things like having a better “finish” to their grooms, creating better golden retriever feet, and poodle topknots.  My new bathers didn’t really know what they should be working on, so I came up with some ideas for them such as trimming nails, or finishing out “easy” bath dogs (like labs, beagles, etc.).

We’ll review our progress during next month’s meeting, share what we’ve learned, and set goals for the following month.  This gives me a chance to congratulate them for their accomplishment and encourage them to keep learning even more.

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  1. Jackie Euer says:

    What a great idea – even for a “one-person business” like mine! I love the diffently colored push pins – maybe next time everyone could use a differently colored Sharpie! It’s nice how you keep things constructive and upbeat. :)

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