How’s Your Cuddle Gene?


 A friend of mine recently posted this on facebook, and I found it really uplifting. In these troubled times when it can seem like everyone is looking out for #1, it’s nice to know that, in reality, nice guys DO finish first!

Do YOU have the “cuddle gene?”



4 Responses to “How’s Your Cuddle Gene?”

  1. Jackie Euer says:

    Dear Lisa, The “cuddle gene” concept is adorable. I will remember to hug my “not always enthusiastic” son – who is almost taller than me and I forget that I need to still be training him to be affectionate! :) Jackie

  2. Serena says:

    I love this mom! I only hope I can always remember to give the type of love you did while Im raising Lily…I want her to be loving and compassionate just like her grandma!

    • Lisa Vitello says:

      She will be, with a great Mom like you. I found that article so inspiring and positive and a good reminder to be always try to do the rightthing.

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